This year has been tough to say the least, not only for myself and other small businesses but for everyone else too. It’s effected so many of us in ways we’d never imagine.

People have lost their livelihoods and sadly for some, their loved ones too. Personally it’s taught me a lot, I’ve learned to cherish moments with my family more, appreciate even the smallest acts of kindness and it’s allowed me to grow as a person. I am so thankful for that!

I wish the current crisis was only a dream, it’s caused such devastation worldwide and much heartbreak too but we are in this together, we have to stay strong for those that need us.

I thank you all for the support you have shown me and my small business, whether it be messages, likes, shares or orders, every single act is so appreciated.

I wish you all the very best Christmas and send all my love and best wishes to you for a healthier and happier 2021!

Love always, Natalie xx


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